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At Draw & Code, we understand the power of storytelling. We believe that every space has a story to tell, waiting to be unlocked through the magic of projection mapping. Whether it’s a large-scale event, an art installation, or a brand activation, our immersive tech team brings your ideas to life with precision and creativity. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision, infusing it with our technical expertise and storytelling expertise to create truly unforgettable moments.

Featured project: Terracotta Warriors

Draw & Code were tasked with bringing the world of the Terracotta Warriors to life using a suite of the latest immersive technology including a bespoke projected augmented reality set-up. Working closely with our technical partners Adlib, the project was to combine projections with audio, olfactory and practical effects such as false-perspective spaces, it created a wonderful environment that showed the Warriors in the context of the world they inhabited.

Terracotta Warriors Immersive
Immersive Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors Projection Mapping
Terracotta Warriors

Visitors attended our Marks & Spencer projections


Immersive LBE attractions are currently operating worldwide

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On dwell time for XR based retail & marketing solutions


Immersive technologies are changing the way with interactive with attractions,  exhibitions and retail spaces.  Creating stories and experiences that increase dwell time while engaging  and entertain the audience.

& Media

Projection mapping is used in concerts, theater productions, and movies to create visually stunning scenes and immersive environments. They enhance storytelling and audience engagement.

Marketing & Advertising

Brands use projection mapping for product launches or promotional events to create impressive visual displays that grab consumer attention and enhance brand awareness.

Museums & Exhibitions

Projection mapping brings static displays to life, creating immersive, educational experiences that engage visitors in new ways. It allows for interactive and captivating storytelling.

Architecture & Real Estate

Architects use projection mapping to visualize and present building designs in 3D. Real estate developers use it to showcase properties and infrastructure projects.


Schools and universities use projection mapping to create immersive learning environments, transforming classrooms into interactive, experiential spaces that enhance student understanding and engagement.


Retailers use projection mapping to create engaging in-store experiences, projecting interactive displays onto walls, floors, and products to draw customers and enhance their shopping experience.


Historic sites and tourist attractions use projection mapping to add depth and context to their visitor experiences, bringing history to life and creating unforgettable visual experiences.

Events & Conferences

Organisers use projection mapping to create impactful presentations and dynamic stage designs, providing attendees with engaging and immersive experiences.

Public Art & Installations

Artists use projection mapping to create large-scale, immersive public art installations. These installations engage audiences, transforming public spaces and creating community connections.

  • What is Projection Mapping? Projection mapping is animation that is tailored to a specific 3D environment or object.

  • Most suitable for Large scale indoor or outdoor events, projections offer spectacular and engaging centrepieces.
  • Cross Sector Applications Draw & Code have produced immersive projection content for museums, stage shows, trade conferences, award shows, sporting venues and more.
  • Awards Winning Projects Draw & Code have deployed immersive tech on several national award winning projects from museums to exhibitions, including one of the UK's most successful ticketed shows.
Bullhound Immersive Tech

Creative, digital experiences that go beyond a personal device and become a part of your environment.

  • Location Based Entertainment LBE (location based entertainment) refers to technology-enabled entertainment experiences that are delivered outside the home.
  • Rapid Innovation Innovation in visual delivery is being matched by audio, motion, haptics and more sensory technologies.
  • Immersive Audio True immersive audio is now available on any scale - from AirPods to arena-scale installations.

  • Multi Sensory Innovation in visual delivery is being matched by audio, motion, haptics and more sensory technologies.
Terracotta Warriors

Whether your audience would relish social experiences, headset-based entertainment or a new take on the concept of an arcade, Draw & Code can guide you through the possibilities.


Global brands with innovative ideas assemble – Draw & Code’s case studies will inspire your own creative problem solving.


Over 150 projects completed for clients including Google, Sony, Mercedes, Red Bull, BBC, Warner Bros and many others.


Here are a few questions that we get asked a lot, if you can’t find the answer here then maybe take a look at our learning zone.  Or give us a shout here.

This depends on your objectives, what kind of technology will work with your audience and other factors. If it’s complete immersion and engagement you want, then maybe VR will work. If it’s about maximum reach, the largest market could be found via the web. Our experts will guide you through the options and advise on what the best solution for you. 

Typically social filters and effects are at the lower end of the budget scale, a VR app may sit in the middle and a complex multi-faceted physical installation at the higher end. However, all of our projects are bespoke and we work closely with our clients to make the most of their budgets. No matter what size project you have in mind, we can make it work for you.

Each project is unique and requires its own scope of work. On paper, a social media AR effect or filter may be quicker than a full VR game – but what if the former is pushing the boundaries of the technology and requires a programme of R&D while the latter is a proven concept? In that case it may not be so simple. Draw & Code’s projects have lasted anywhere between a week and a year. We’ll be able to provide you with a timeline of what you can expect from consultation all the way through to completion.

There are several ways that technology can enhance your offer. Maybe it will allow your audience to be more engaged with your brand or to understand a product better. It could help enhance productivity in the workplace or aid learning. Being one-step ahead of the competition is important – investing in emerging technologies can pay dividends later down the line. With Draw & Code, we will only ever recommend using a particular technology if there is a benefit associated with doing so.

There are plenty of challenges posed by adopting emerging technology. In complex technology projects, getting a true understanding and buy-in across an organisation can be a challenge. We work with your team to inform stakeholders about emerging technologies, we look at your challenges and we help you to identify the technologies that can of most benefit to the challenges you face.

Draw & Code’s talented team have a wonderful medley of expertise, skills and experience. As our name implies, we have designers, developers and everything between including project managers, audio producers, animators, commercial analysts and even a build department. A majority of our projects are completed in-house but we are always open to the power of collaboration if a trusted partner brings something unique to the table. In fact, in many ways our clients are our number one collaborators – we treat all our relationships like that.

Our Learning Zone section explains the technologies we work with, what they can do and how different sectors are utilising them. If you can’t find the answers you are seeking there, drop us a line and we’ll be your guide.

It may amaze you where this technology is used. Healthcare, manufacturing, the arts, theme parks, retail, museums and many, many more industries are embracing XR. It may be easier to find places it’s yet to touch!

Oh come on, not this again! Some may argue they are two sides of the same coin and use a lot of the same techniques and tools to make magic happen. You can find more info on the different types of immersive technology that we deploy in our Learning Zone.

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