[ Time at draw & code ]

“Draw & Code was exactly the kind of place I dreamed of: a fun, creative environment, interesting projects and great colleagues.”

Valentina is our talented middleweight 3D artist whose childhood passions for art, video games and new technologies encouraged her to pursue a course in Computer Graphics at BigRock Institute of Magic Technologies after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Asian studies.  After graduating, she made the big move of moving to Liverpool from Italy in 2019 to work with us here at Draw & Code, joining the team as a junior 3D artist. 

Over her three years with us she has played an integral part in developing our 3D assets and experiences, initially specializing in organic modeling and sculpting. Now Valentina’s multi-talented 3D artist skillset has made her our brilliant Middleweight 3D artist, working on a wide range of impressive immersive projects.

Draw & Code is always recruiting and we encourage applications from people of diverse backgrounds.