Sebastião Perestrello

Unity Developer


In a foggy night in the middle of July 1995, I came to be. Always curious, my younger years were fraught with exploration, climbing and pressing buttons. By age 3, I was already comfortable on a computer, playing around with basic programs and competing against my father in Arkanoid and Prince of Persia, triggering a life-long love for videogames. That love eventually evolved a curiosity on how to make them, and in my teenage years I took my first stab at learning how to program. By the time I got to college, a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems, I had taught myself enough to make my own small projects. In July 2023, I moved to Malta on my own, to start my journey at Draw & Code.

Seb's Fun Fact

The maternity I was born in was founded by my great great grandfather. I made the news on the day of my birth!

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