Ryan Camilleri

R&D Developer


I am an award-winning developer, having won the best VR prototype award at the Game Development World Championship (GDWC), back in 2021. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, I consider myself as a generalist in the tech realm. However, my true passion has always been in building captivating visual experiences. This inclination, combined with my fervour for immersive technology, especially Virtual Reality, has led me to dedicate my career entirely to the game and immersive industries. I firmly believe these sectors will revolutionize the way we consume and experience entertainment, akin to the world depicted in “Ready Player One”.I’m constantly looking to improve myself and learn whatever I can, but honestly, I have found nothing satisfies me more than meeting new people, building relationships and working on innovative ideas. The intersection of business with technology is what makes me tick, and I strive to turn any business idea into profitable realities for both myself and my team.

Ryan's Fun Fact

I’m obsessed with movie soundtracks. One of the best days of my life was when I went to see Hans Zimmer perform live. I also deeply love Star Wars and own replica lightsabers – I often duel with friends to the death…or until the battery runs out. 🙂

We work with all sorts of industries, from enterprise to medical to museums, heritage, entertainment and marketing. But our main focus is around entertainment, marketing and gaming. 

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