Rob Green
Rob Green

Robert Green

Project Manager


With a combined 10+ years experience at creative agencies, advertising and construction serving as producer and project manager, I’m fully versed with the pitfalls of production. I’m interested in all things technological and futuristic, I’m thrilled to have joined the Draw & Code family to be at the forefront of new and immersive tech.

In my free time I like to exercise my thumbs playing video games and my legs with sport, hiking and beach time.

Rob's Fun Fact

I’ve flown a plane, driven a boat, operated an escavator and riden a camel, amongst other things. I speak two languages reasonably well and some others not so well. I’ve been to five continents, got lost in each of them, eaten things I can’t recall and haven’t been home for my past seven birthdays (out of chance, not resentment). I once had to fight a monkey for my ice cream.

Rob's Skills Keywords

Production / Project Management / Design / Photoshop / Digital

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