Lilith Harwood
Lilith Harwood

Lilith Harwood

Junior Unity Developer


I am a Junior Unity Developer and have had a huge interest in programming since early secondary school. This is my first job in the industry and beforehand I was mostly self-taught.

In my personal time I’m busy having more ambitions than I have time to fulfil, including drawing, personal game development, speedrunning, and game modding – but then I just end up getting decision paralysis and playing every Pokémon game again.

Lilith's Fun Fact

I have a pet axolotl called May, she’s extremely gormless but I love her anyway.
I can personally guarantee that if you ever see me, I will be wearing something with some variation of animal ears on it.

Lilith's Skills Keywords

Unity3D, C#, Software Development, Game Design, AR/VR

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