Li Jifeng

Li Jifeng

Development - R&D

Li Jifeng


I started working in the tech industry when I was 18 and have now joined the Draw & Code team as a Senior R&D Developer. I have experience of working in many different tech sectors such as fitness, web, video games, insurance and more. My research is mainly focused on the combination of AI/Game/VR. I love to create novel things to push the boundaries of what is possible! I quit my university when I was 19 as I wanted to get to work in the tech industry and eventually moved from China to Europe, creating some wonderful memories. I find the meaning in life in the endless journey to strive to become the best version of oneself and to do the things that will have a great impact on the world.

Li's Fun Fact

Between the ages of 16-to-17 I fought in a kickboxing bar for money and knocked out all my opponents. I enjoy martial arts, especially MMA and Jujitsu, I also play some great video games and watch some awesome Japanese animations.

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