Joseph McGrae
Joeseph McGrae

Joseph McGrae

Trainee 3D Artist


I am a second year student studying Game Design and Concept Art with a passon for all things 3D modeling. I started out making showcase style games on the popluar site Roblox and gained over 20 million visits and had work shown at Time Square in New York City. The passion slowly turned into a profession and I reached out to Draw & Code for industry work experience that lead towards a three month placement as a Trainnee 3D Artist to learn the ropes of becoming a professional 3D artist.

Joseph's Fun Fact

I once ran a community of over 1000 artist with a passion for cyberpunk themed builds. I also designed and held huge community events where artists can submit builds to create one big 3D themed environment!

Jospeh's Skills Keywords

3D Artist, Emviorment Art, Prop Art, Blender, ZBrush, Unity, Unreal Engine,  Hardsurface, Substance Painter

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