Joanne Toomey
Joanne Toomey

Joanne Toomey

Head of Production


I’ve been working in the creative industries for almost 30 years – from TV, film and documentaries to stereoscopic 3D console games. Segues into sports betting and international ice cream retail only further honed my production values, now I’m putting them to work in immersive tech.

I love finding technology, new technology, a new application, and getting that to the wider world so that everyone goes oh, I get it now, I understand.

Joanne Q&A

What Is Draw & Code and What Are they Good At?

I’d say Draw & Code is a really good hub for innovative technology, especially in the VR, XR, Mixed Reality space. There’s lots of new, challenging, innovative technology that we can bring to a wider audience, whether that’s in the corporate world or in students of all levels, basically, just being able to get that new technology out to as wide an audience as possible.

Draw & Code are great at having new ideas, bringing them to life, and implementing them in a practical application to make it real world.

What Kind of Projects do you Enjoy Working On?

Creative stuff. Love the creative stuff. Love the new innovative, whether that’s strictly kind of gamey or shiny or the new piece. I love finding technology, new technology, a new application, and getting that to the wider world so that everyone goes oh, I get it now, I understand. Oh yeah, that’s super shiny and I get it. But then, especially if we can add a bit of color and entertainment and life to it, then they’re the most interesting ones.

What strengths do you think are most important in your role?

Adaptability, communication, empathy. Most definitely original thinking. Always go for the challenge, try and understand things. Understand. Create. Achieve.

So understand what the problem or the understand the domain. Create your solution or create the next step and then achieve it.

Where do you see the industry going in the next three to five years?

I think it will become more commonplace. I think people in the kind of the general population, the corporates will understand that it’s not just a marketing tool but there are real world applications and the unreal world there are real world applications of the immersive world. 

But with the kind of the training and things I think it could be we’ve seen the explosion of working from home. Why would you not go into a meeting room on a VR headset instead? So that you can sit with person that normally would be sat in Australia instead, so that as an office meeting you don’t need meeting space. You can just have your headset and talk to that person as if they’re in front of you. I think we just haven’t fully explored all of the uses. So I think it will become more commonplace in corporate, in everyday home and in schools as well.

Fun Fact About Joanne

I have interviewed Kiefer Sutherland and Sir Christopher Lee, who sang to me in Elvish. I’m also a certified football coach.

Joanne's Skills Keywords

Agile, Scrum, Production, Producer, Manager, Coach, Project Management, Wellbeing, Studio Mum

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