Jim Paton
Jim Paton

Jim Paton

Head of Build


I help bring build and construction into the realms of Draw & Code with over 20 years of experience in joinery crossed over with a love of form, function and general use. Spatial technology is all about using places and spaces as a canvas for digital experiences, having a build department within an XR studio makes perfect sense.

I thought, if it's wrong, I'll rebuild it.

Jim's Q&A

What is Draw & Code?

It’s an immersive tech company specialising in AR and VR, but we’re also looking at new ways to do things, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and that’s sort of where I get involved – adding the real life build element pushes the mixing or virtual and reality that little bit further. 

Why do you like about working at Draw & Code?

It’s the atmosphere and the drive of the place. It’s very much you come into work and you almost chart your own course every day, you’re not really restricted in what you do, anything goes.

Obviously there’s things in place to make sure we’re all going the same way, but you’re very much free to sort of just as a collective move forward, which I really like, rather than I come in and Andy’s like, I need you to do this today, or John.

They’ll sort of give me brief guidelines of what they’re thinking and then it’s up to me to make it happen however I see fit and just run it past different departments to check that what I’m doing is in line with what everyone’s thinking, so, I mean, doing that is great.

What skills are important in your role?

It’s really just about keeping a lot of plates spinning and also keeping your eye on what other projects are in the pipeline and where I may be needed. It will often be last minute builds that are required so having the ability to produce something of high quality quickly is also important. 

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