Beppe Scavo
Beppe Scavo

Giuseppe 'Beppe' Scavo

Head of Development


I’m an XR developer with over 10 years of experience, devoting my work to make mixed reality a technology for the masses. From my research experience at the Open University throughout my career at Draw & Code, I bring my background in engineering and science to make products and experiences the best they can be.

There's a lot of cross pollination between different departments. Even within departments there's a lot of collaboration between people, helping each other which is very nice and refreshing. You never get stuck on a problem for days because there's always someone to the rescue as everybody kind of contributes and chips in with their own ideas.

Beppe's Q&A

What Is Draw & Code?

Draw & Code is first and foremost an agency that creates solutions, stories and experiences using immersive technologies, that’s like our bread and butter. However, in the last year or so, we have started to create our own products and our own solutions that are not necessarily driven by customer needs or client client needs, but it’s something that we want to bring to the table.

We work with all sorts of industries, from enterprise to medical to museums, heritage, entertainment and marketing. But our main focus is around entertainment, marketing and gaming. 

Briefly describe the difference between AR, VR & MR?

Let’s say we can pretty much separate VR, AR, projection mapping. So those are like the three main ones. However, you can combine them in so many different ways and then you create subsets. And I would say that recently we have explored the location based entertainment, which uses a little bit of a mix of those technologies to create its own.

While usually AR and VR are used for the consumer market, for use at home or outdoor use kind of thing, location based entertainment is more of a guided experience. So we not only work with location based entertainment providers to integrate our own storytelling or our own technology, but we are creating our own products in location based entertainment.

What kind of projects do you enjoy working on?

I really like the location based stuff because it’s a controlled environment, it’s not like mass market, so there are conditions that we apply, constraints that we apply to control the experience. It’s way easier to tell a fully immersive stories with set dressing and actors as well as the immersive tech. So that’s my favourite.

Which project, past or present, are you most proud of?

There were two projects that I was really proud of. One. It was St. George’s hall. So basically we have volumetrically filmed actors, which means that the result of it was a volumetric video, so a 3D video.

It was the story of a woman that was unjustly incarcerated. So we put that actress in the cells of St. George’s hall. So people would just get in the cell and see the ghost appear of this woman that would tell the story. And it was really theatrical, really touching, so people really enjoyed it.

The other was Mercedes trailer. The Magic Leap experience was very nice. The interpret between the physical set of the city and digital overlay using Magic Leap, was really compelling from a visual point of view. 

Beppe's Fun Fact

I am a trained swordman with Japanese katana (Shinkendo).

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