Andy Cooper
Andy Cooper

Andy Cooper

Founder & Technology Director


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I’ve always been drawn to the intersection of creativity and technology. I’ve been able to indulge in both as Co-Founder and Creative Director at Draw & Code. If you give me new tech I immediately think about ways to make it colourful, weirder and more engaging.

I’ve had the opportunity to lead projects focused on culture, marketing, music, sports and other areas. It’s a thrill to work with a team that also believes that art and design play a vital role in XR and the wider world of technology.

People are valuing experiences more than ever, I relish using immersive spaces both in-person and on-device to create deeper, more emotive moments that live on in the memory.

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What Is Draw & Code and What Are they Good At?

Draw and Code is really, really good at finding incredible, moving, inspiring solutions to allow organisations, companies, brands to engage, surprise and capture the imaginations of their audiences and visitors.

What makes you different?

We understand all of the technology horizons that are out there from what’s possible today to what’s going to be possible in 10 to 20 years time, and make sure that we have relationships with all of those large scale and small scale organisations, the creators in their garages and their bedrooms up to the multinational corporations and what they’re rolling out so that we can find the perfect solution for whatever our clients needs. We’re not just crowbarring in whatever is fashionable.

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