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After months of secrecy we can finally show off two of the most exciting projects that we have ever been involved with. The first is a multimedia firework spectacular set in Northamptonshire, while the second is a stunning stage production to be shown in China.

Aside from utilising the usual Maya and After Effects, these two shows have seen Andy, Emily and Mike digging out paper, pens, pencils and paints; they even employed the services of a calligrapher. Now the productions are being rehearsed and are almost ready to make their debuts in opposite corners of the world. We hope to bring you video from both events whenever we can get our hands on it; in the meantime here is the lowdown on the first event to premier; The Gunpowder Plot.


The Gunpowder Plot is a unique event being produced by Metro Boulot Dodo with the co-operation of Northamptonshire County Council to be held at Boughton House near Kettering. In an area of the country with strong links to Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators, this outdoor multimedia performance full of music, theatre, pyrotechnics and vivid visuals promises to illuminate the characters behind the legend. The colourful animations created by the artists here at Draw & Code are designed to tell the story of how Britain’s Bonfire Night celebrations came to be.

There will be around an hour of excitement as the pyrotechnics are joined by animations projected directly onto the stately home while live action theatre is played out amongst this feast of colour and light. Our predominantly 2D animations chronicle the story behind the plot and why it has become so significant in British culture. An epic, original soundtrack and vibrant lighting will provide the finishing touches to what will be a great value night out if you happen to be in Northamptonshire on the fourth or fifth of November.


Our animations are being semi-video mapped onto Boughton House, the stately home that is providing the venue. It was only after selecting this location that the organisers discovered that the house was actually a part of the legend of Guy Fawkes as the house was owned by the family of Francis Tresham – the conspirator who brought the plot crashing down when he confessed to the plan that was so close to fruition in the centre of London.

Now the house is being utilised as a giant canvas that will be brought to life by the animations that have been created here in our Liverpool studio. In the photo above you can see just how spectacular the house looked in rehearsals without the fireworks; we would be happy to watch the projections on their own! However, we will be getting to see the whole show when we take a trip down to the Northamptonshire countryside to join the hundreds of people who have already got tickets for this unique bonfire celebration.

Head to Royal & Derngate’s website to book tickets for this one-off event that is sure to be unforgettable.

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