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It’s showtime once again for Draw & Code and our little plastic pals the SwapBots. This time we are at Gamescom in Cologne where we can be found on the UK Industry Stand alongside some of the most exciting names in the sector.

For those who are new to SwapBots, they are augmented reality toys developed in-house by Draw & Code. You can see more of them in this video shot at our last major outing at the Augmented World Expo in California.

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Since AWE we have been fortunate enough to win support from the UK Games Fund, the government backed scheme that invests in the most exciting video game projects in the country. This support has enabled us to move on with both the toy and the game. A new iteration of Bot will debut at Gamescom with bolder print, improved marker design and other visual improvements. Meanwhile the game has been blessed with a modified UI system that helps to make the transition from ‘scanning’ the Bot to playing with it seamless while also improving tracking of the toys and offering significantly fettled in-game controls.

All of this adds up to a slicker and more satisfying experience (we hope!) that will leave players at Gamescom impressed at the possibilities of augmented reality gaming after the runaway success of Pokemon Go.

SwapBots 3D Printed

Typically we have taken our developments to tech shows rather than gaming events such as Gamescom, so this will be a different experience for us. Some of the Draw & Code team have attended Gamescom before, returning with the warning that this is an event like no other. It seems that when the already lengthy exhibition days come to an end the partying begins in a series of night time events.

Before any drinking and dancing we have the small matter of Pocketgamer’s Big Indie Pitch to contend with. Held at the tail-end of GDC (yes, Cologne is also playing hosts to the European leg of the Game Developers Conference) this is an incredible opportunity for three developers to meet industry insiders and to pitch for support. After winning a place as one of the developers we are now refining our pitch for the various panels of judges from companies like Amazon and Unity.

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