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Microsoft’s Hololens and Occipital’s Bridge headset are the two most exciting pieces of kit in the hands of developers in 2017 – now the team at Draw & Code are experimenting with new versions of SwapBots for these mixed reality devices.

SwapBots originally grew from a Draw & Code R&D project, so it’s only right that the augmented reality toy and game provides the impetus for our latest experiments. While both pieces of equipment are not quite ready for the mainstream, Draw & Code are always looking to stay one step ahead of the emerging technology. Whether or not Hololens or Bridge themselves are a success, the concept of a mixed reality experience that combines the immersion of a VR headset with the environment around you is going to be an important part of our technology landscape in the years ahead.

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The crux of our mixed reality experimentations is a SwapBot that the user can walk around and interact with. Like the handful of developers working with these devices globally (Occipital are selecting only 200 developers for Bridge) at this early stage we’re still learning to get the most out of these incredible pieces of kit so stay tuned for updates as we progress.

Meanwhile developments on the core SwapBots game continues. There have been new environments, changes to character designs, a new way to view battles and much, much more. Producing such a unique take on an augmented reality toy and game constantly throws up challenges and it’s a thrill to overcome them every day.

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The next stop for SwapBots is CES in Las Vegas where you can try the toy for yourself on the HAX stand in Eureka Park on Saturday 6th January with private demos also available on other dates. Head to SwapBots.co to read more.

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