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2017 has been a huge year for augmented reality as it gears up to become the next culture-changing computing platform. As part of this we’ve seen several apps and platforms positioning themselves ready to be a major success in 2018 – one of which is Snatch. Boasting significant venture capital funding and enjoying a phenomenal beta launch in 2017, Snatch is an AR-infused treasure hunt that features augmented reality mini-games created by the experts at Draw & Code.

If augmented reality is all about the intersection where digital worlds meet with our reality, then Snatch embodies this ethos better than just about any other app. Why? Because not only does it use Pokemon Go-style real-world map-based games, it also boasts far more sophisticated AR (augmented reality) mini-games than Niantic’s smash hit and then – here’s the really cool part – Snatch actually gives the player real prizes. That’s right – if you win £10,000 in the game, you get that money in your bank account! What’s more, it doesn’t cost you a penny to download or play.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s a tough game to crack – as you would expect with real prizes at stake. Not only do you have to walk around your environment to find parcels, your fellow players can ‘snatch’ them from you. Things get heated as you fend off their attacks using ever-more advanced defences.

Snatch AR

Getting the prize parcels themselves is a whole heap of fun. After seeking out digital packages located near you in the real world, you play mini-games on your smartphone that, thanks to AR, actually take place in the environment in which you find yourself.

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These mini-games are produced by Draw & Code using the latest ARKit technology from Apple – the tech that is likely to propel AR ever further upwards. Already Snatch is buoyed with support from major brands who are keen to supply prizes and sponsor locations within the app. This is the key to keeping the app free for users and to allow them to enjoy ever more generous prizes.

Since its Beta launch that ran from spring to autumn 2017, Snatch has garnered over 500,000 downloads. Since then it has gained hundreds of thousands more and has sat in the UK top 10 apps – that’s despite the game being limited to these shores. It’s clear that the ultimate potential for the Snatch app is huge. Could this prove to be the Pokemon Go that adults can play without stigma from their serious-minded pals? We certainly think so.

If you are yet to try Snatch for yourself, search for ‘Snatch AR’ on the App Store today and go get those parcels! During the holiday season you can also enjoy a Christmas-themed Snatchatron mini-game, as seen above. Happy Snatching!

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