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This luscious artwork is the first glimpse at the upcoming large-scale outdoor theatrical performance ‘Safe House’ that Draw & Code are contributing art and animation towards. Produced by the phenomenal folk from Metro Boulot Dodo, this promises to be a spectacular adventure that explores our relation to the home. It will be touring the country later during 2014 with each show being bespoke to its environment, making it a challenging event for everyone involved.

Draw & Code are thrilled to be providing animation for this ambitious project having worked with Metro Boulot Dodo on The Gunpowder Plot back in the autumn. Once again we will be supplying projection mapping to allow the audience to get inside the spectacular set and experience what is going in on inside the set both physically and also metaphorically. An animated set such as this can facilitate almost movie-like dynamics that take the viewer into realms that a conventional play will find more difficult to muster. In this case it means that the play can delve into and beyond the spectacular partially-suspended set.

Safe House will explore what the home means to us both as individuals and as a community. The audience is invited to become voyeurs into a home full of all different age groups from children to a house-bound pensioner. The main character’s world is literally shattered as their house falls apart and the notion of ‘home’ becomes an abstract one, rather than a solid physical entity.


The performers are ‘aerialists’ from our old friends Wired Aerial. These skilled and athletic artists will fly through the air in a show that has been choreographed across three dimensions. Over the last few years we have had the pleasure of working with Wired on the international show As the World Tipped and our own The Lava Bud; we have a lot of admiration for their talents.

The show will tour various cities later in 2014 including London and Norwich in what promises to be one of the highlights of the cultural festival calendar. Each performance will be site specific with the environment dictating elements of the show. Photographs supplied by the audience will also play a part in creating the visuals; this will certainly be the most dynamic and exciting projection mapping job we’ve taken on so far!

We’ll keep you up to date as Safe House starts to come together over the summer. The next step is to get our hands on a model of the set so we can do some basic animation tests on a physical object. Meanwhile you can marvel at Andy’s promotional artwork that gives a hint of what will follow.

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