Mercedes Magic Leap Experience Debuts

Magic Leap

Draw & Code have developed a new experience with live events and communications agency Meet & Potato for Mercedes that utilises mixed, augmented and virtual reality.

The Mercedes-Benz Vans Immersive Roadshow represents the first time that Magic Leap has been used in the commercial vehicle sector and brings together the 21st century AR startup with a storied brand that boasts a catalogue of innovation and roots that stretch back to the 1800s.

Delving deep into Mercedes’ unparalleled history while looking to its future, the experience is housed in an 18-wheeler truck that is touring the UK to create awareness of their vision of the next step in mobility. Within the trailer is a city-scape set that is brought to life in mixed reality using a suite of Magic Leap Ones. Virtual reality is also used, along with motion platforms, to transport the user into the cab of the latest Mercedes vans, while mobile augmented reality allows visitors to explore AR portals that delve into innovations in vehicle connectivity and electrification.


John Keefe, Co-founder of Draw & Code, comments, “The idea of a truck touring around showcasing mixed reality has a neat precedent – back in the 1980s the industry leaders at Silicon Valley upstart VPL showcased cutting-edge tech with ‘Reality on Wheels’ – an 18-wheeler that visited potential customers. Decades on, the Immersive Roadshow neatly mirrors the emerging technologies showcased by Mercedes; just like connected and electrified vehicles, XR technology is getting closer and closer to becoming truly mainstream and usable.”


As a brand that consistently innovates in the automotive sector, Mercedes embracing immersive technology to express their vision for the next step in connected and electrified commercial vehicles seems like a logical step.

Mercedes Immersive Road Show

Alongside Draw & Code, the team behind the Immersive Roadshow is a consortium of innovation-hungry businesses in the north of England. Leading the project is live events and communication agency, Meet & Potato, the 360 VR footage was produced by M7 Virtual while Versatile Venues handled the trailer conversion.

Jon Kelly, Founder and MD at Meet & Potato said: “We’re delighted and excited to bring the Mercedes-Benz Vans UK brand story to life with a such an innovative immersive event. Draw & Code were the perfect technology partner to realise the experience. The roadshow trailer is set to welcome thousands of guests as it tours the UK and we can’t wait to see their reaction.”

The Mercedes-Benz Vans Immersive Roadshow will tour select UK dealerships and events, starting with the Highland Show from June 20th 2019.

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