Become The Taskmaster – New VR Version of TV Show Reveals Creative Mode

Taskmaster VR, the forthcoming game from Scallywag Arcade, is revealing a new twist on gameplay – Creative Mode.


LIVERPOOL, UK – March 27, 2024 – The team behind the upcoming virtual reality title Taskmaster VR have revealed a new way to play; Creative Mode. This gives players the chance to step into the magnificent shoes of the Taskmaster and his Assistant in the VR video game adaptation of the international hit TV show.

With access to a variety of classic Taskmaster items, players can build custom tasks, brand-new scenarios or just make a mess. Once players have created their task, they can challenge their friends and family to complete them in local play. Creative Mode contrasts with the core gameplay in which you become a plucky contestant aiming to impress the Taskmaster in a series of puzzling and surreal challenges in the hope of becoming a Taskmaster champion.

The newly disclosed gameplay shows a different side to the experience, one that takes players from being contestants to giving them the keys to the Taskmaster House and everything within it. As a contestant, players are expected to complete tasks that baffle and amuse in equal measure, using any objects or techniques they can muster. With Creative Mode, the player is on the other side of the famous red stage designing tasks using a huge array of interactive tools and items including everything from puppets to pineapples, and obviously, rubber ducks.

Taskmaster VR has been created by Scallywag Arcade, a Draw & Code studio, in partnership with Avalon, the award-winning TV production company behind the international hit, BAFTA and National Comedy Award winning series. The game was revealed late last year and will come to Meta Quest and SteamVR in 2024.

“Creative Mode is a natural evolution for Taskmaster VR” said Andy Cooper, Creative Director at Scallywag Arcade. “It stems from us having so much fun creating tasks for the game,” Andy explains, “We realised that being given the toy box to play with as if you are the Taskmaster or his long-suffering assistant was the ideal complement to being a contestant”.

Niall Taylor, Head of Games at Scallywag Arcade, said: “The opportunity to set your own tasks is something the community has been clamouring for – we have been inspired by seeing fans get involved in Taskmaster parties at home and wanted to bring that same spirit to VR.”

Taskmaster VR features fully voice-acted performances from the show’s star and creator Alex Horne alongside the titular Taskmaster himself Greg Davies. The game comes to a headset near you in 2024 and is available to wishlist on Meta and Steam now.


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