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Liverpool has become one of the first UK cities to be mapped in full 3D on Google Earth. The results are spectacular with all of the city centre right out to Crosby in the north and Allerton in the south all covered, along with Birkenhead too. But this isn’t the only good news from the Silicon Valley giant – they are also rumoured to be opening a Liverpool office.

As ever, the source for these fascinating developments came from a Reddit thread. A Redditor going by the name of GoogleJasmine alerted the online community to the new development that sees the city mapped in 3D – and she also had tantalising news about Google setting up shop in Liverpool. She says that, “On Tuesday an application process will be starting and there’s going to be 50 positions opening in a new office within Liverpool.” Hmm, we’ll see…

Google Maps Lime Street

So, once you’ve finished brushing up your CV you are going to want to know whether your house or workplace is depicted in 3D. If you live somewhere between Crosby and Allerton or you are in Birkenhead then chances are that Google have mapped your area in 3D. The football stadiums are there, the Cathedrals and even our studio can be seen in glorious 3D in your web browser.

The sight of Draw & Code’s HQ tucked away in the courtyard of the former Royal Liverpool Blind School (below) is the clue to what technology is lurking behind the 3D maps. It seems likely that the 3D cameras used were airborne as there would be no other way to access some of the areas mapped.

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Hardman Street Aerial Shot

Our boffins are currently scratching their heads at the intricacies of how this works. Apparently it is a custom camera that converts the images to 3D, but rendering it so quickly on your desktop is the really clever part.

The other fascinating revelation from GoogleJasmine was how Liverpool came to be the first UK city rendered in 3D on Google Earth; “Everyone in our office is either a Liverpool, Everton or a Manchester United fan so half of the office wanted Liverpool and the other half wanted Manchester so we had ping-pong tournament and the Liverpool team won! In the end it was the best choice. So many historic landmarks and two of worlds most famous football teams.”

A game of ping-pong to decide on where to fly your super sophisticated cameras? Now that is so very Google indeed! It may transpire to be untrue, but it sounds good!

Liverpool Google City
If you haven’t already got it, download the Google Earth plugin right here.

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