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[ LIGHT NIGHT 2015 ]

For Light Night 2015 Draw & Code teamed up with our friends Midnight Polygon and Draw the Line to throw a party in 92 Degrees Coffee. Papercrafting met projection mapping and doodling met DJing as the creativity flowed. Without a drop of booze in sight, the caffeine kept us on our toes until late in the night during the event that we dubbed ‘Light Roast’.


As you can see in our Light Night video above, the projections looked spectacular. While bigger is often considered better with projection mapping, we enjoy creating intimate projections such as the Creative Kitchen gallery we made for the IFB in Liverpool last year. This time 3D artists and papercraft magicians Midnight Polygon created an installation that formed the basis of the projections. The geometric shapes were first crafted in 3D software before being formed in paper by the Midnight Polygon duo of Emily and Ste.
Light Roast
While the 3D models were used by Draw & Code’s Andy as the basis for the projection mapped light show, the paper crafting continued on the tables of 92 Degrees. Guests were given templates, scissors, glue and pens to make their own versions of the shapes. This wasn’t the only hands-on art as Draw the Line once again joined us with their all-inclusive doodle sessions. The tables were covered with paper so that the visitors could explore their inner artist and the results were brilliant.
92 Degrees Coffee Liverpool


Meanwhile there was music, a Samsung Gear VR running our Hope Street Liverpool virtual reality experience and we were demonstrating our Aspect augmented reality art viewer with The Critter Shed’s exhibition in 92 Degrees Coffee. In short, there was a lot happening in a very small space!
Aspect AR

Meanwhile Draw the Line will be covering the tables with paper and handing out pens as they get people to doodle for themselves. Democratising art is what they are all about, so come down and get stuck in.

The atmosphere in Liverpool was magic on Light Night. Seeing families walking the streets after dark was amazing; it felt like a holiday resort. Sadly we were so busy in the coffee shop that we couldn’t see all the other amazing events, I guess we’ll have to save that until Light Night 2016.

This was our first time contributing to Light Night and it most certainly won’t be the last. It was an incredible night; why can’t every Friday be like that?

92 Degrees

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