Draw & Code launch FanPort, a new mixed reality platform

FanPort Revealed In LA

A New Out-Of-Home Mixed Reality Platform Launches At The Augmented World Expo

Liverpool, UK. (June 17, 2024) – Immersive experience studio Draw & Code is revealing FanPort at AWE (Augmented World Expo) in LA. This innovative platform builds on mixed reality technology to create something unique. FanPort combines a large LED screen or projected display with AR glasses to allow ‘holographic’ content to travel through portals between the world beyond the screen and the shared physical experience space that the audience is standing in.

Draw & Code was established over a decade ago and has been prolific in mixed reality, delivering AR experiences for Google, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Liverpool FC and many more innovation-minded clients. This is the UK-headquartered team’s 10th anniversary of their first appearance at AWE and they have chosen the California-based gathering to reveal FanPort to the world. For this special event, Draw & Code will be joined by Orlando-based 302 Interactive, their development partner who helped to build early FanPort technology prototypes.

“FanPort is the culmination of years of development that started when we first exhibited our mixed reality concepts at AWE a long time ago,” said John Keefe, CTO and Co-Founder of Draw & Code. “We are big believers in emerging technologies and the magic that can happen when you combine them into something greater than their parts, as we are doing here with FanPort.”

Mixed reality is a tech trend gathering momentum with Apple and Meta backing the technology. However, FanPort offers something radically different that only an out-of-home system can provide. Some experiences will allow guests to reach ‘into’ the screen and bring content into the experience space and vice-versa. Games technology also allows networking between guests to create further social and collaborative moments.

FanPort is social, interactive and designed to do things that a VR arcade or other established systems cannot. Unlike VR, mixed reality means the audience sees the real world around them while interacting with spectacular 3D environments, characters and animations. The revolutionary new platform can be specified to feature custom content designed for the intended use, location and brand.

“By serving as the first development partner for FanPort alongside Draw & Code, we are helping to make high-quality immersive experience more accessible,” said the CEO of 302 Interactive, Kyle Morrand. “FanPort gives brands the opportunity to take XR technology, previously only found in the large theme parks, and create immersive experiences that can exist anywhere and everywhere.”

The demo shown at AWE will feature audience members wearing Magic Leap 2 headsets. The advanced device has been described as the leading ‘neurologically-true’ mixed reality headset on the market. It is networked into an immersive ‘pod’ environment featuring a large display, spatial audio and real-time lighting.

To experience FanPort at this year’s AWE 2024, visit stand PG17 in the Playground or head to www.fanport.com to learn more.





About Draw & Code

Draw & Code are immersive and experiential content specialists. The UK-based studio has been working with immersive technology such as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) for over a decade, completing over 160 projects along the way. Previous clients include Google, Sony, Warner Bros, Mercedes-Benz, Liverpool FC, Red Bull, Chelsea FC and the BBC.


About 302 Interactive 

Founded in 2014, 302 Interactive is an Orlando-based digital media company that combines interactive game design and emerging technologies with the mission to build the future of human experience. The team of developers, designers, and artists at 302 Interactive creates immersive experiences and innovative all-in-one technical solutions for industries across wellness, education, healthcare, marketing, entertainment, and more. Visit https://www.302interactive.com/ to learn more. 


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