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It’s deadline day for the Cartridge Save 3D Print Cup and we have sent our entry – Tengu-san – to the judges. When we last posted it was still a work in progress, but now our character has gone from paper sketches to a full 3D model. In fact, we’ve got so carried away that John has even popped Tengu-san into Unity to turn it into an augmented reality model that is approximately the size it will be when 3D printed!

There were a few stages in the development of Tengu-san that you can see charted through the pictures in this post. First, the original designs were tweaked on paper and on-screen after being scanned-into Mike’s mega-Mac. The tweaks included minor changes to the character’s hands and feet, although you need to be exceptional at playing spot-the-difference to find them!

Emily made minor tweaks to the feet and hands, including the addition of larger tabi-boots during the 2D phase before she took over the reigns and started to draw Tengu-san as faithfully as possible in Maya 3D. Emily made sure that she had got a ‘poseable’ model by placing it into a ‘t-pose’ to check that the dimensions of the limbs were correct. Once the perfectionist pair were happy it was time to make detail changes and apply some colour.

There were three major changes that occurred as Tengu-san made the transition from a flat piece of paper to a fully-realised creation. One change was the addition of a ‘Monk bead’ necklace, while another was the yin-yang design for the staff. We also added a base, which should be a handy feature for the stability of the eventual physical model. While the main character is Japanese, the base draws inspiration from Chinese mysticism. It is inspired by Bagua, which is popular in feng shui, with each of the eight trigrams representing elements of nature. Meanwhile we have now learned that the Chinese characters for ‘Tengu’ translate as ‘Heavenly Dog’ as they are associated with the Cannis Major constellation – which is better known as the Great Dog. Maybe we could do a canine version of the character too?

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After all of this work was complete, John quickly popped the 3D files into Unity and created a basic augmented reality version of Tengu-san. We used our own Draw & Code beermats as markers and we tried to make the size of the model comparable to what a 3D printed version would be. Walking around the model and ‘holding’ it really brought us close to that magic feeling of physically creating something, which is feeding our imagination and our enthusiasm for 3D printing. I reckon it could become quite an obsession in the office if ever we’re let loose with a 3D printer without adult supervision!

So, it is a big thank you to Cartridge Save for encouraging us to take part in this competition. And may the best character win! You can see some of the fantastic entries over at www.cartridgesave.co.uk/3Dprintcup

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