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The latest addition to the Draw & Code team is Matt Smith, our new Creative Producer. Joining the studio with a wealth of experience in video games, VR, AR and architectural visualisation, Matt is a stalwart of Liverpool’s enviable interactive development scene.

Bringing 30 years of experience to the table makes Matt ideal to take the reins on developing new digital products and servicing Draw & Code’s wide variety of client work. From starting in the industry straight from school as a pixel artist to running QA departments to acting as project lead on triple A titles, Matt has followed his path through different eras of technical innovation. Not only does he have extensive experience in video game development, in recent years he has been working on enterprise applications of XR technology including leading ambitious VR projects for architectural clients and energy companies.

Matt’s journey started in a similar place to Draw & Code’s own origins. It all began with an intense desire to use technology creatively, as Matt tells us; “A passion for comic art led me into the burgeoning world of games and simulation at the dawn of the 16 bit era – I’ve seen a lot and been lucky enough to play a part in some incredible projects and innovations along the way.”

There’s a good chance that you’ve played at least some of the games and simulations that Matt has worked on over the years. From the Sega Megadrive to the PlayStation while working on titles for the likes of EA and Acclaim, Matt took on a number of roles but kept gravitating to 3D, UX and creative production.

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Over the last decade Matt found himself working with XR technologies; “A stint in architectural visualisation led me to VR and the wider world of spatial computing, re-igniting my interest in the possibilities of interactive technologies.”

Now Matt Smith is bringing this experience to bear at Draw & Code where our work straddles immersive technology for both entertainment and enterprise alongside developing video games.

Draw & Code co-founder Andy Cooper says; “When we heard Matt’s story we realised he would fit in perfectly in the studio and we are relishing working with an immersive content producer with his experience and passion.”

We would like to thank those who applied for this role when it was advertised. If you are looking for opportunities to work with us please follow us on Twitter where you will hear about any new positions first.

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