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Projection mapping / MARKETING / ATTRACTION

360 projections immerse the audience in Hyundai's tech-laden Ioniq



For the UK press launch of the new Hyundai Ioniq – the world’s first car offering three electrified powertrains – Draw & Code were commissioned to co-create an ambitious, immersive presentation designed to wow the assembled automotive, lifestyle and tech press. The event, held deep in the Welsh countryside, featured a spectacular geodesic dome to accommodate guests who would be treated to a full 360 degree panoramic presentation during the first UK media test drive of the new Ioniq.

The presentation had to get across technical detail in the most dynamic way possible – and relate what’s going on under the skin of the Ioniq to how that corresponds to the driving experience. All of this was to be delivered in a manner that would surprise even the longest serving members of the automotive press.

This was to be no ordinary presentation – instead it was to feature an immersive 360 degree projection that explored the Ioniq in great detail. The aim was to use animation to showcase elements of the car’s design and engineering in ways that film alone could not.


Our creative team worked closely with the Hyundai Motor UK PR team, events company D3 Active and Igloo who produced a custom cylindrical projection space within the geodesic dome. This area was to screen a 360 degree presentation with the audience sat in the centre, immersed in the visual experience.

Naturally, the project started with getting to know the Ioniq and what made it special – as it turned out the sophisticated technology was the ideal inspiration for the animation. Hyundai Motor UK proved to be the dream clients, supplying us with reams of information and support. 

The Ioniq is a showcase of the South Korean brand’s move to become one of the world’s leading eco-friendly car manufacturers. The creative approach of the presentation was to  emphasise the technology underpinning the car whilst also deriving inspiration from the Hyundai brand. Just as the Ioniq puts its occupants centre stage, we aimed to make the media audience feel like they were truly immersed in the vehicle.


The late nights spent perfecting the projections in the dome in the North Wales countryside were well worth it as dawn broke on day one of a fortnight of showings for the Ioniq event. The first day could not have gone any better with blue skies, a full house and Hyundai Motor praising our efforts in being part of a team that delivered something that even some of the most experienced journalists had not seen before.

The 30 minute experience started with an immersive animation that brought the Ioniq and its technology to life. Using the design cues from the car, the spectacular opening sequence explored the vehicle both inside and out. Animation was fused with live-action drone footage of the IONIQ taking on beautiful British driving roads. This lead on to a presentation that enveloped the audience.

The cylindrical projection space made for a brilliant venue. At times, the audience were spinning around in their seats trying to catch all of the animation and information around them!

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