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Once again Draw & Code headed to the Wearable Technology Show in London where we exhibited our latest technology prototypes. Held at the enormous ExCeL London, the show is the largest gathering of its type in Europe. If anything there were even more delegates at the Wearable Tech Show 2016 than the previous year, a neat illustration of how much this sector has grown.

Did you visit the 2016 Wearable Tech Show? If so you may find yourself in the video below that shows a few highlights of the exhibition.

[ ar and vr zone ]

This time around Draw & Code were camped out in the AR and VR Zone (where else?) alongside leading hardware and software developers including Sony and Blippar. The wider show featured a diverse range of wearables (anybody fancy a device that informs you if there’s a power cut in your house?) that were primarily focused on the fitness sector.

Wearable Tech Show 2016

In some ways the biggest difference between the Wearable Tech Show 2016 and its counterpart a year earlier was our perception of the sector. 2015 was the year of the wearable in many ways with Apple and Fitbit taking what Pebble had done to new levels. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry as opposed to a niche with 111 million smartwatches sold during 2015 alone.

As a result, the wearables all felt familiar rather than futuristic, a reality rather than a fantasy. In a similar fashion, Draw & Code are firm believers in the impending virtual reality revolution, so expect the remarkable gear showcased in the AR and VR Zone to be far more widely known by the time the Wearable Technology Show 2017 rolls around. It’s fascinating to be working in the tech sector during a period of such seismic change and shows like WTS are great barometers for where we are at and where we will ultimately end up.

Wearable Tech Show

Between the stands lurked the team from The Gadget Show whose voices could, at times, be heard above the din of thousands of other visitors! I last saw them working up a sweat on high-tech gym equipment.

Meanwhile, back on the Draw & Code stand we were demonstrating Companion, our shared 3D experience that utilises both virtual and augmented reality. Liverpool was well represented with Starship’s vTime just over the way from us and Juxdit were spotted prowling the halls.

Our immediate neighbours were Vizuality Studio, purveyors of bespoke virtual reality installations. In this case it was their ‘walk-around’ VR experience that they were showcasing. The last time we saw this ambitious company was out at Unity 3D’s Vision Summit in LA where Draw & Code collaborated with Vizuality to create a virtual reality Grand Prix experience.

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