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Projection mapping

When you think of projection mapping monolithic buildings and sweeping vistas spring to mind. However, this technique works just as well on a small scale.



Draw & Code’s brief was to create an installation to display the work of local artists during the IFB (International Festival for Business) held in Liverpool during 2014. However, rather than simply using a screen or projecting onto a flat surface, we decided to do something truly unique and very challenging.

Called the Living Gallery, this installation acted both as a showcase for the work of north west artists while also bringing life and motion to the venue throughout the week-long Creative Kitchen event. This was held at Oh Me Oh My, the cafe and event space with the best views in Liverpool. Organised by Studio Mashbo with support from Kin2Kin, the daily seminars, discussion forums and collaborative sessions at Creative Kitchen culminated with a celebration of Liverpool’s artistic and digital scene.


Using only a single projector we illuminated 44 separate surfaces – each carrying its own unique moving images! The whole installation was made to resemble a row of photographs being exposed in a darkroom. Not only did it have to work as a gallery, it was also to be used as an ambient projection that complements the venue itself. For this we took the lovely tiles surrounding the bar in Oh Me Oh My as inspiration.

This project was to be an intimate projection mapping installation that was very different to the scale that we are used to. With so many individual panels to animate in such a small space and with the aim of having no light spilling out between each of them, this was about making minuscule changes in the pursuit of perfection.


You can see the Living Gallery in the video which was filmed during the Creative Kitchen Social – the culmination of the creative and digital week at the IFB. The team behind Kin2Kin did sterling work to find 44 creative souls to showcase in the gallery and the artists were fascinated to see what we had done with their wares.

We are so used to doing large projection mapping jobs, this intricate installation made a refreshing change and provided a big challenge. The Creative Kitchen Social turned out to be one of the best events of the festival too. Roll on IFB 2016!


After giving them an open-ended brief to supply visuals at an event, we received an innovative projection mapping installation that was quite literally like nothing else. It is this spirit of pushing boundaries and discovering new techniques and technology that marks Draw & Code out from the crowd.

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