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A couple of weeks ago we headed to the capital for Clinic, a unique event organised by Vitamin London that brought together some of the hottest technologies to produce two evenings of art, wonder and glimpses of how our world will be impacted by the impending virtual revolution. Draw & Code were showing augmented reality art and immersive games while other studios were exhibiting everything from demos of Google’s astounding Tilt Brush through to a light art commissioned especially for the event.

2016 is the year of virtual reality, so it’s no wonder that this tech was the star of the show at Clinic. It’s such a good time to be demoing this technology; there is still a palpable sense of excitement around it and the room was full of smiles, laughter and the odd scream too. The demos ranged from the perennially popular virtual roller coaster demo through to a fascinating project from Visualise that combined photogrammetry with digital archiving and 3D models.

Clinic VR

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Commissioned especially for Clinic, Freddy Tuppen’s Lightbox allowed us to make art by holding glowing spheres and waving them around. Meanwhile another art piece took social media conversations and turned them into 3D printed objects. This is where technology is at its most intriguing – the intersection of the physical and the digital world.

155 Clerkenwell

With hundreds of people visiting the event, hosted in the chic bar and restaurant 155 Clerkenwell, over the course of two nights, it showed that there is a very real demand for this technology. Seeing this kit in a relaxed, intimate setting made for a much more heady experience than the usual bland exhibition venue.

Technology is a wonderful thing for broadening our experiences and for connecting humanity to one another. It already allows us to span great distances with our voice and our vision; now we can feel like we have traveled to another world without moving from our home thanks to virtual reality. Yet however brilliant the latest gadgets may be, there are few pleasures in life that can top being in a basement full of booze with like-minded folk. Clinic brought both these things together to form a night of giddiness and child-like excitement at what the immediate future holds.

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