Parr Hall Projection Mapping

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Projection mapping

Draw & Code's artists lit up Parr Hall with a spectacular projection mapped animation to tell Warrington's story.


Our animators were enlisted to help produce a projection show as part of the launch for a new app that aims to be a visitors guide for Warrington. The whole project, including the event at Parr Hall, was co-produced by local students who wanted to tell the story of the town from its Roman roots right through two world wars and onto today. The animation had to cram a lot into a short running time; the finished result would be a projection in Warrington’s cultural quarter that would light up the night with a rip-roaring trip through the history of the Mersey town.


As with any of our projection mapping jobs, we started with a full 3D scan of the building. This formed the basis of the animations, that were further inspired a by a visit to Warrington’s charming museum. The students had already created basic storyboards, so there was already a direction for the animations to head towards. The early stages of developing the animation and its soundtrack also involved a trip to The Heath, a sixth form college that were contributing to the event and to the associated app. Here the Draw & Code team led workshops that focused on how the music would influence the visuals and vice versa.

One of the greatest challenges we faced came from the building itself; the red brick of Parr Hall was certainly not the easiest surface to project on. To some extent this dictated a bold colour palette, although this bold style also worked when trying to convey the psychedelic writing of Warrington’s favourite son, Lewis Carroll. Counteracting the red backdrop also meant hiring in some serious projecting firepower from FACT Services who worked closely with us to achieve the best possible visuals.


The event itself was a spectacular success with the invited guests praising the work of both the professionals such as ourselves, but also the students too. Not only were the Warrington students behind the app there to enjoy the event, there were also visitors from Warrington’s twin town of Hilden in Germany, who were collaborating on the project.

For the first time at one of our projection mapping shows, there was a countdown from the crowd as the animation started. The bright colours looked amazing on Parr Hall and the event was a success. You can see the finished result in the video of the Parr Hall projection mapping show at the top of this page.

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