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The boys and girls at Draw & Code have developed our own augmented reality viewer called Aspect. This is no ordinary AR browser – it is aimed at artists, galleries and those of a creative persuasion. We want Aspect to encourage people to think differently about what a gallery can be.

What makes Aspect stand out amongst other augmented reality viewers is that it puts art and creativity centre stage. While other AR experiences are focused on marketing, we wanted to help artists to take their physical art into the digital world.

Aspect also has the potential to turn art into a fully interactive digital experience as it is built around the powerful Unity 3D platform. This can allow gallery-goers to interact with the art as they would a video game, perfect for opening up the art world to a younger, more tech-savvy audience.

92 Degrees Hardman Street
Singh Twins


While many AR viewers offer little more than a layer of 2D content that could be supplied in a web interface, Aspect offers a true 3D experience that closely relates to the world around you. Our animators and developers take the source image and work alongside the artist to create an animated 3D image that makes the artwork appear to come to life in your hands.

The app was soft-launched last night as part of The Critter Shed’s exhibition at 92 Degrees Coffee. The guests were invited to see the stunning prints from this exciting Liverpool art collective come to life using tablets running the beta version of Aspect. The coffee and beer flowed while the audience enjoyed the art and also took to the tables to doodle their own masterpieces courtesy of Draw the Line and their collaborative creative sessions.

If you have an Android device you can download Aspect from the Google Play Store for free, right now. It should be hitting the Apple App Store shortly too. Then you can experience the augmented magic for yourself when you visit 92 Degrees Coffee on the corner of Hope Street and Hardman Street in Liverpool. Right now this is the only location where you can use Aspect as we continue to experiment with it, but hopefully it will be seen in an arts venue near you soon!

Download Aspect for Android right here.
Aspect AR

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